Cowgirls For Trump Helping #Homeless Americans #Forgotten Americans! Help us reach 1M shirts Sold! Support our President!

What We're All About!

Our #True #Inspiration came during the #Election with #Donald J. Trump risking his status for the #ForgottenAmericans, Us, and doing so AGAINST ALL ODDS! We began this agenda after learning of all the #MiddleClass #ForgottenAmericans who were financially ruined because of the Obama Liberal regime 2008-2016! It happened to me, I lost everything! My company of 32 years and my life. I've since bounced back up but millions haven't yet. Millions of #Americans lost their #SmallBusinesses #Jobs #Homes #Retirement #Savings #Ranches #Horses #Cattle #Land and destroyed their Will to give Life another chance😰Many of these folks are #SeniorCitizens who've paid their #Taxes their entire life only to have their lives destroyed leaving them with nothing😡😰

Cowgirls For Trump were formed to give these people a helping hand back up by selling our Ladies and Juniors Tees, and a huge portion will go to helping these Families, Men and Women who will be struggling for years to come. Remember the #DominoEffect. 

We are asking for your help🙏 

We have a #Goal to reach 1M shirts sold, and we know we can do it with your help! 

You DON'T have to be a Cowgirl to place your order from us! But, You Can Become A Cowgirl by ordering from us! 

Thank You! 

Cowgirls For Trump